Rob Lowe's Greatest Romantic Gesture Included a Call to a Foreign Embassy and This Olympic Figure Skater

Rob Lowe will go to any length for love. 
When asked about his most extravagant gesture in the romance department, boy did Rob deliver with an epic story.
"There was an Olympic skater who I thought was really pretty," Lowe explained. "I think her name was Katarina Witt. And this was when the Soviet Union was still around. She was behind the Iron Curtain."
Rob was so interested in catching Katarina's attention, he pulled Hollywood-level strings to make a meeting happen. He added, "I think I had someone call the embassy. I figured in an effort of international relations, I would invite her to the Golden Globes or whatever the hell it was."
Lowe then teased, "I thought it was my diplomatic duty to my country to try to land that."
So did Rob ever link up with Katarina? Sadly, no. But as Rob sees it, "I don't know how far it ever went but it wasn't for lack of trying! That was a great effort."
As for Rob's love life, he's been happily married to Sheryl Berkoff since 1991 and has two sons, Matthew Lowe and John Lowe. 



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